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Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

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Harnessing the power of Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and the plethora of others that continue to pop up servicing specific demographics, interest groups, and genres, takes a great deal of planning and orchestrated effort.

Many organizations rush out and open accounts on these platforms then do little to nothing to keep them filled with fresh, relevant, and engaging content.

The sole purpose of Social Media exposure is to engage attention through “posts” that have enough impact that a viewer will not only “Like” it, but will also “share” it, and respond directly to it with a positive comment, or by following its call to action.

A pet peeve of ours – and very common mistake – is where business owners or marketers post on a “Business page”, then immediately share the same post on their personal channel. This amounts to literally spamming the same audience with that post. Sure some followers will “Like” both, but these “Likes” are superficial and amount to near-zero gain in follower acquisition, or moving the needle in terms of meeting the goals of the post (if there was even a goal in the first place).

Business posts on Social Media platforms must contribute directly to a goal such as follower acquisition, following a link to a product offer or article, or buying a ticket to an event, etc. This means each post must be carefully crafted, targeted, scheduled, and measured. As with many of the other disciplines covered by our consulting practice, achieving success through social media is complex and requires an investment; either through the time and effort of the business itself, or through the engagement of a social media marketing agency. At Now U C IT, we’ve partnered with key vendors that can help build a social media strategy and program for businesses of all sizes. We’d be more than happy so connect you to the right resources to get you on your way.