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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Customer Experience extends far beyond customer service from an issue resolution standpoint. It encompasses every touchpoint either directly or indirectly that an individual may have with a business representative, automated systems, products and services, or its marketing.

Some organizations measure some their performance on some of the critical moments when customers interact directly with the organization or its products – either on their way to purchase, after or both. However, focusing on maximizing satisfaction at those moments creates a distorted picture that customers are happier than they actually are. That’s why every organization must pay attention to the more important end-to-end customer journey.

Understanding customer journeys requires in0depth, step-by-step analysis of every scenario where potential and existing customers are exposed to, and interact with the organization – not from a design perspective, but from actual experience. For example, an online ordering experience may have what is perceived as a perfect user interface, flow, and follow up, but in reality is either slow, omits certain scenarios, or fails to address important issues such as accessibility for the impaired.

The most affective method of understanding customer experience and journeys is to identify target customer personas and conduct targeted research about specific interactions across the persona demographics.

The scope of research necessary  build build customer journey snapshots must understand the motivations of aa particular persona, identify the activities they performs, capture questions that might arise during each activity, and finally the barriers – perceived or real – that these personas encounter.

Truly understanding customer experience is not a trivial task – but organizations that invest in this domain and are able to skillfully manage the entire customer experience reap significant rewards in customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduced customer churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction.

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