Under the cover

The WordPress Web Content Management (WCM) platform powers an estimated 75 million websites worldwide including those of publishing giants such as The New Yorker, MTV News, Time, and Fortune.

So is it right for you? In this post we’ll give you some of our perspective as well as a link out to a TechTarget article by Mary E. Shacklett that also has some useful links for further information.

First – our website is a WordPress site. We chose to host independently of wordpress.com for greater freedom – which is an important consideration. There are many independent WordPress hosting platforms including GoDaddy, Bluehost, and even Amazon Web Services  for the very adventurous!

At the core of a good WordPress site is a great Theme template. The good and bad news is there are literally thousands of WordPress themes out there – some free some paid. Our advice is to steer clear of the free themes – they are free for a reason! – often very limiting in design capability and some carry hard-coded branding that you can’t get rid of.

We’ve found some great paid themes at Template Monster and at Theme Forest (where we purchased our theme “Semona” that we subsequently customized).

If you would like some more detailed help if finding a great WordPress theme, customizing your existing theme, or find a better hosting solution, contact us here or call us directly at 508 455 7137. In the meantime, enjoy the article.