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Deanna A.
Cengage Learning
“Played a critical role in the creation of a breakthrough product that has proven to be a disruptor in the higher ed market. Able to challenge assumptions, listen and unpack what users say, and solve problems in a creative way.
Ram S.
Solution Architect
Deep expertise in systems analysis and design; we worked on a project to integrate our app with Quicken product. The breadth of knowledge and meticulous analysis helped us in delivering the project on-time.
Charlie O.
Senior Vice President of Information Technology
Strong understanding of technology and business allow them to roll up sleeves and truly understand the business objective/value and how the technology will work to meet the business objectives.
Alex E.
Program Manager
This has been one of the most successful projects in which I have participated. A significant contribution to its success was the level of detail in the requirements artifact- elicited, documented and reviewed
Jillian J.
Blue Cross Blue Shield RI
Strong leadership, possessing the strategic and analytical skills essential to achieving and executing results; while at the same time developing and maintaining relationships