What We Do

Business Consulting for the Digital Economy

Transforming concepts and ideas into products that fundamentally make life better.  Nurturing product evolution through road maps, prototypes, interaction design, to working solutions. Cultivating a relationship of trust and becoming the north star of your business strategy and execution. Elevate your client-centered services while optimizing brand awareness and focus through social media and other digital channels.

Our Work Process

Four pillars to building a great success story


Establishing a clear direction and path to success


Bridging process gaps, removing bottlenecks, and optimize performance


Developing a map for product focus, market growth, and delighted customers


Building customer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty through digital channels


Present and Past

A Brief History


About the Founder

©PENGART.COMGlyn was born in southern England. He first struck out on his own in the mid-eighties with a full service advertising agency. Later, he went on to establish an Apple computer retail dealership in West London before moving to the United States in 1995. Having a strong creative vision, analytical and process oriented mind, plus a drive to keep up on current trends, all culminate with passion for designing first class technology solutions.



Helping you to define a clear direction and path to success. The core elements of a great strategy is a focus on core competencies, product differentiation, brand awareness, and customer experience. 


Lean processes are critical to business agility in the digital economy. Continuous business process modeling and optimization is often overlooking causing organizations to become inefficient.  Learn how to engrain process design into your enterprise business architecture.


Coupled closely with business process modeling is product innovation and evolution. A nimble organization must nurture innovation and remodel processes in order to execute and deliver. See how product road maps and story maps can accelerate creativity and prioritization.


Great products demand attention. Competing for mind share in the avalanche of interruption marketing is costly and largely ineffective. Engaging and converting customers through inbound marketing yields far better customer conversion and loyalty to build a bigger bottom line. Find out how to create a healthy stream of customer leads through content and social media.

Strength in numbers









Choose from our menu of services

Solutions to create or sharpen business models, through to building great customer experiences and loyalty

Find your way

A solid business plan and business model is the first critical step to chart a path in the digital economy.

Mobile Strategy

By 2019, the smartphone audience will reach 236.8 million, or 85.5% of internet users and 71.4% of total consumers in the country… is your business ready to capitalize?

Visual Design

Logos, Packaging, Website, or Social Media destinations., creating and maintaining a consistency in branding and design will increase mindshare and awareness.

Custom Applications

Our development partners can design and deliver custom applications from web apps to phone apps that improve business operations and customer communications.

Product Roadmaps

Success by the yard is hard. By the inch, it’s a cinch! Find out how to plan, develop, and products iteratively.


Optimizing for search engine visibility is an ongoing activity. get on track to crafting high-ranking page keywords for organic or pay-per-click positioning.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation technology enables organizations to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and channels. From simple automated email responses to abandoned cart reminders, there’s a platform that’s right for your business


Is your WordPress web site tired and flat? Find out how to re-energize it with cutting-edge themes and plug-ins with engaging effects, sliders, and on-line shopping.

Social Media

Building effective Social Media campaigns takes time and effort. Let us help you create a social media calendar that can maximize your FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram popularity.

Process Optimization

Every organization relies on an array of business processes to execute on it’s goals. Optimizing and documenting mission-critical processes is key in eliminating bottlenecks, lost opportunity, and innefficiency

Content Development

Content engages people to read, watch, and respond. Developing clear, concise content that captures attention is the life blood of every organization. Our talented copywriters can help with content for newsletters, web pages, brochures, and blogs.

Ideas that win

Fresh minds with unjaded visions often see the missing link, the elephant in the room, and the trees from the forrest.

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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Wayne Gretsky
The value of an idea lies in the using of it
Thomas Edisson
If I had asked customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.
Henry Ford
Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.
Sir Richard Branson